Are you ready to master your mindset and your money?

The Mind & Money Academy is the place to be to learn how to change your self worth and net worth, fast and for life.

Laura Powner, creator of the Mind & Money Academy and founder of Fast Impact Therapy (FIT) believes that the key to mastery lies in getting the foundations, the 3 pillars, correctly aligned. The 3 pillars are blocks & beliefs, behaviour and blueprint. The courses here in the academy focus on teaching you to rebuild your pillars, so that your future is based on strong and stable foundations that will support you, no matter where you want to go. Laura uses the FIT system which combines her experience from 18 years as a Chartered Accountant, RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy created by Marisa Peer) and energy work to remove your blocks and reprogram your existing mindset. Results are fast and the impact lasts a lifetime. Overcoming your blocks and limiting beliefs makes a huge difference but it is essential that you also change your existing behaviours to ensure you are supporting your new beliefs. You will also need a blueprint to follow to get you where you want to go. The Mind & Money Academy courses help you to understand your existing stories and where they came from so you can see the blocks which have prevented you from getting the results you wanted before. Once you overcome your blocks and limiting beliefs, you will learn how to introduce new behaviours and create your very own blueprint, so you can finally achieve mastery of your mind and money. The courses are all encompassing and designed to work with you on all levels, consciously, subconsciously and energetically. To our knowledge there are no other courses out there that are as comprehensive.
Are you ready to master your mindset and your money?

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