It's time to rewrite your money story!

The Money Mastery course is all that you have been waiting for to finally change your money story. If you are sick of struggling to earn the money you deserve, to grow your business, to manage the money that you do have, to live the lifestyle you dream of and you are ready for financial freedom and to build your net worth for life, join the Money Mastery course today.

  • The Money Struggle

    Understanding your current money story and where it came from

  • Money Blocks

    An in depth look at where blocks come from, what yours are, how they are affecting you and two brilliant methods of releasing them (one of which you can do on your own anytime)

  • Money Mapping

    Calculating and understanding your current net worth. You will even be looking at forecasting how the rest of the year looks for you. You will get all the tools you need to do this so that it is as effortless as possible.

  • Money Movement

    Looking at your dream life and what it would take in terms of money to achieve it and equipping yourself with the right mindset tools to develop the wealth mindset that will get you there.

  • Money Blueprint

    There are 4 key stages to managing your money and building wealth. You will learn the stages and understand where you are now and what requires you to do so you can reach the next stage. This allows you to build and use your own money blueprint.

  • The Long Term Money Game

    This module ensures you are managing your money in the very best way for you to achieve your net worth goals for LIFE. The module looks at both short term and long term money planning and cements your new found love of money.

  • Live!

    The Live round of the course begins 12th March 2019. 8 weeks of live group calls each Tuesday where you can come and ask me anything and I will guide you through anything you are struggling with.

  • Facebook group

    You get access to a private Facebook group where you can support each other as you move through the course.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Start here
    • Welcome!
  • 2
    The Money Struggle
    • The Money Struggle
    • What is your current money story?
    • Money Memory Prompts
    • Money Struggle Worksheet
    • The Money Struggle - Progress Check!
  • 3
    Money Blocks
    • What are money blocks?
    • Your money blocks
    • Common money blocks
    • Money Blocks Worksheet
    • Money Blocks - Progress Check!
    • Group call recording with special guest Keisha Dixon (the Tapping Queen)
  • 4
    Rapid Transformation Time - Blocks begone
    • Group RTT March 2019 - Listen to this FIRST
    • 21 Day listening audio
  • 5
    Money Movement
    • Create your new money story
    • Create your vision board
    • Experiencing what you want
    • Journal from the future you
    • Look at Your Language
    • Create your daily practice
    • Money Movement - Progress Check!
    • Group Call
  • 6
    Money Mapping
    • Your current net worth
    • Net Worth Calculator
    • Your current money position (also known as the cashflow!)
    • Cashflow
    • Software recommendations
    • Money Mapping - Progress check!
  • 7
    Your Money Blueprint
    • A Wealthy Life
    • A Wealthy Life - Explanation of terms
    • A Wealthy Life - The Assessment
    • 4 Key Rules of Money
    • Moving from A to B
    • 12 Week Planner
    • Money Blueprint - Progress Check!
    • Bonus: Hotseat 8th May 2019
  • 8
    Rapid Transformation Time - Wiring you for wealth
    • Using RTT
    • Installing the Cheerleader - listen to this first!
    • Installing the Cheerleader - 21 days listening
  • 9
    The Long Term Money Game
    • An interview with Mr Money himself, Damien Fogg, asking for his top tips and pearls of wisdom when it comes to the Long Term Money Game.
  • 10
    Bonus Module: Money Behaviour
    • Laws of Money
    • Tax rules, responsibilities as directors, laws to be aware of as a business owner

Pricing options

There are 2 purchase options. You can buy the course for £197 which includes everything shown in the Course Curriculum. Or you can upgrade to the VIP Package at £497 which includes a private 1:1 Rapid Transformation Therapy session where Laura will personally identify your blocks & limiting beliefs and remove them for you and reprogram in your brand new money beliefs. You will receive a recording of your bespoke script too.